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About Us

I started Amalgam Services, Inc., in 2004 as a sprinkler repair company. I had many friends that needed repair work and were getting poor quality service. I would go in and repair the “repaired” systems. I trained and was certified as an Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) so that I would have the knowledge to resolve water distribution issues and a professional level of understanding of how the various plants use, and need, the water resource. The end result being that I can create a watering schedule that is optimized for your specific property, by month, lowering your water use while retaining the quality landscape you are looking for.
Look at the "Certifications" window under the Irrigation tab for more details about this certification.

I also started Fertigation Evolution in 2004 to fill a need for an option to the high prices of contracted lawn fertilization application companies. Fertigation is the process of injecting a liquid fertilizer through the sprinkler system using a multitude of ways. I only use high quality systems which I custom set up for each landscape variables and customer’s.
Please look under the Fertigation tab for more information on this exciting way of feeding your landscape!

I added Landscaping in 2006 as part of my services because of multiple requests to do so from my customers. Please go to the Landscaping page for more information on the services available.

I added Snow Removal in 2008 also as part of my services because of multiple requests from my customers and service residential as well as small HOA and commercial properties where an ATV with a plow is more effective than a large truck with a plow.

As the owner of the company, my background is in high technology. I started out my career building corporate airplanes in a factory. Later I went back to school and with top honors, got my license to repair airplanes, which I did for airlines and helicopter operations for over ten years. After more than 80% of this time being on the night shift, I made a career change into high Tech manufacturing and later into the procurement of high tech components.
Through the years in aviation, I developed great technical skills and the importance of quality over all else. I maintain this philosophy even now.

Mission Statement
We at Amalgam Services, Inc. aspire to be the "Go To" company of choice for all of your Irrigation, Landscaping, Fertigation and Snow relocation needs by exceeding your expectations. We will continually improve our comprehensive services to provide you the solutions you need at an exceptional value.
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